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Fire safety training carried out by the company

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release time: 2020-08-20


    Recently, the company invited fire instructors to conduct fire safety knowledge training in combination with Safety Month activities. All middle-level managers participated in the training. The instructors explained the cases and fire hazards, rescue and escape, so that the trainees could further understand the fire-fighting knowledge, recognize the types of fire-fighting hazards and fire extinguishers, and master the application of fire-fighting equipment and emergency handling knowledge. Through the training, good results have been achieved. Each functional department will carry out fire safety training for operators in combination with the actual situation of the workshop and the Department, comprehensively check hidden dangers and grasp rectification, so as to further improve the fire safety management.

    At the training meeting, the general manager and the deputy general manager in charge all came to the teaching site in person, and made emphasis on some key points and work deployment.