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Notice on "Zhongyuan Ciye Cup" tug of war held by town labor union

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release time: 2020-08-20



In order to enrich the cultural and cultural life of the staff and promote the national fitness campaign, the town Federation of trade unions plans to hold the "Zhongyuan Ciye Cup" to celebrate the May 1 tug of war competition. Therefore, the company has decided to form a team to participate in the competition. The relevant matters are notified as follows

一、 Team building:

1. Team leader and Coach: Ren Jihui

2. The manager of each branch company is responsible for the list of participants, including 11 males and 4 females, who are required to be strong and strong and report to the company office.

3. Each department arranges the work to ensure that the participants can participate in the competition on time.

二、 Event: mixed tug of war between men and women

三、 Time and place:

The time of 1:00 p.m. on May 28, 2015 was initially set for half a day, and the rainy day was postponed.

The competition place is in the playground in front of the administrative center of Hengdian town (Trade City). The team members of our company will arrive at the stadium by bus at 12:15 p.m. on May 28.

四、 Award setting:

RMB 1, 600-1, 400, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1, 000, RMB 1.

The company requires the participants to inspire their spirits, cooperate with each other, and strive to be the first in the competition.

五、 Other matters:

As this is the "Zhongyuan magnetic industry Cup" competition, all branches should attach great importance to this competition work, seriously organize, reasonably arrange time training, and strive for good results.

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